Jake Burgess – I Remember


I remember the colour blue.
Cresting ocean waves
and in the glowing sky,
it glinted like hope
or prosperity.

But man grew over time,
ideas like bombs
with brains lacking wisdom
and that fine blue was ruptured
and torn by fiery red
with orange tinge.

I remember rumbling
and grumbling,
great billowing smoke
through tears as the world slipped
into the rear view
and my world burst
into space,
enveloping, dark, cold and

For a time we searched.
Talking on our own, we
listened with nothing but echoes
in the stillness.

I remember that first landing
on a world not our own
speaking tongues unknown.
Given food
and warmth
with air to breathe it was…
different. Alien.

For thirty years we toiled
to contribute,
swallowed fruits of our labours
while across space
and time
our world hovered, turning
through and through
we yearned for those greens and blues
of land and sea.
I remember hope being lost
and our fates writ in stone.
The comms beeped
and whirred,
text scrawled and bore a message:
war ended,
Earth at peace

Time for home.

The journey was long,
but warmer, filled with
hope and sound, yearning
for a world not forgotten.
The corner turned
and sitting where we left her,
twixt Venus and Mars,
lay a vastness of nothing,
empty and void of our lives.

The comms beeped
and whirred,
text scrawled and bore a message:
war ignited,
Earth at least

by you shall be remembered.